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General information

Q: Does COL report crime to the SAPS?

A: No, it is the public's responsibility to report any incident to the SAPS before reporting it on COL.

Q: Where do we get our crime reports from?

A: Directly from the community.


Q: Why do we have to sign up in order to contribute?

A: Due to the sensitive nature of this content, COL needs to monitor the content placed on the site.

Q: Is membership to COL free?

A: Yes

Q: Will I as a member be able to remain anonymous?

A: Yes

Q: I have forgotten my password & am unable to log in, how do I retrieve it?

A: You may do so by clicking the link on the homepage "Forgot your password?". In doing so you shall be emailed your password.

Contact Crime Out Loud

Q: I have an idea or information that I would like to contribute to COL, how do I go about doing so?

A: You may email any queries to Crime Out Loud through the "contact us" page provided.

Q: I have video footage of a crime incident, may I publish it on COL?

A: Yes, you may contribute this to the community by sending it through to . It will be reviewed and uploaded to the website.


Q: How do I place an advert on COL, who do I contact?

A: You may email any queries to Crime Out Loud at



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